How Executives should deal with Cybersecurity

There’s no denying that keeping your technology safe & data secure is  now much more complex than before.

IT Security is complicated and you simply do not have the time to manage this important task. To make IT Security less overwhelming and affordable, it should be broken down into three key areas: People, Policy and Perimeter.

Many organizations have learned that perimeter security measures are not enough. They’re easy to poke holes in if you aren’t addressing People and Policy as well.           

It is necessary to educating and train your people to recognize threats and deal with them appropriately and promptly.

Security-related policies are written documents such as an acceptable use policy for how employees can use the organization’s network and devices. They’re also processes that define and enforce steps that keep your security tight.

People, Policy, and Perimeter are complementary areas of security that together create a strong defense for your organization. If you’re not sure where to go next, assess how much of your existing defense falls into one or more of these areas. Are most of your security measures only addressing your perimeter? Then maybe it’s time to shore up your People and Policy areas.              

At CEO Computers we’re passionate about security awareness and mitigating the cybersecurity threats inexpensively.  In our mission to improve organizations’ security, we are offering Free Network and IT Security Analysis (utilizing Rapid Fire the Network Analysis service) to identify and mitigate any of the vulnerabilities associated with your network and business environment.

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