Why partnering with an IT company is still relevant?

Two questions that I ask myself every day 1)- Are our services still relevant?  2) Do we provide a value for our clients? When I look at how dependent all of our clients are on their technologies such as email, printing, data sharing, internet, phone, collaborative services (like SharePoint, One Drive), etc. the answer is a resounding yes.  Although, the hardware has become more reliable and the software including operating systems (Windows 7 and 10) are more stable, but the existential threats such as Ransomware and a variety of outages caused by hardware malfunction, software compatibility conflicts have become rampant.

Today, the Cloud is playing a major factor in hosting business applications, with more of them moving to the Cloud.  But the issue of IT  support is  still a major concern for small businesses. 

When it comes to dealing with technology, what are the  important factors for a small business owners?  Firstly, they all want to be able to sleep well at night.  This is achieved by assurance that their technology is trouble free and their data is safe and protected.  Secondly, the IT cost is affordable and predictable. Thirdly, their business and staff are empowered and their productivity is ensured.

It is our number one priority to use our skills and resources to make sure that our clients’ technologies use the industry best practices and it is constantly managed and monitored to avert any disaster and downtime.  As part of simplifying their IT, we arrange our fees and pricing to be transparent and affordable.  Providing unlimited helpdesk to the employees and offering consulting services to the executives to leverage technology to achieve their business goals are the best approach for us to be relevant and continuously deliver a superior service. 

About Us:

CEO Computers is a Los Angeles IT Support & Cloud Solutions company.  Our solutions and services are designed to simplify your IT, protect your data and empower your staff.  We are Microsoft silver competency partner.  For over 31 years, CEO has assisted many small businesses located in the Los Angeles area in various industries to implement compliance policies, to secure their network and protect their data.

Protecting your data and eliminate your network security vulnerabilities are our number one goal. For a free network security analysis, call us at 818-501-2281 or visit our website www.ceocomputers.com.

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