Safeguarding your business.

In today’s business environment, any company without a comprehensive IT security plan is a company waiting to suffer data loss, data pirating and cyber-attacks. Businesses large and small are heavily dependent on their technology, email and applications that runs their systems.  IT systems are vulnerable at multiple points not only to outside cyber threats, but also to human error and simple security failings of the devices involved.


As your Los Angeles managed security service provider, CEO Computers  will provide you with a robust plan that covers all security weaknesses, Monitor and Manage your network and provide unlimited Helpdesk to your staff.  Throughout the last 30 years we have seen it all and honed our tools to provide you with the best industry practices to safeguard your data and network.


CEO Computers Managed Security services are more than a set of guidelines to follow– we offer proactive, ongoing, and preventative measures to keep your data safe before you experience a data loss or disruption to your operation.   


With more than 30 years of experience, we have the expertise to be a reliable and dependable partner. Our managed security services can be scaled to fit any size business. Without protection, data loss can easily be the first step toward a major strain on your business. But with  CEO’s as your managed security service provider, your business will be prepared to weather even the most serious cyber-attack or system failure. We offer employee awareness training and provide free network and security analysis.  We have the tools to deep scan your entire network and expose any vulnerabilities.    


Dealing with a full IT service company, you will put your mind at ease and save time and money to accomplish what is important for your business. 

 About Us:

CEO Computers is a Los Angeles IT Support & Cloud Solutions company.  Our solutions and services are designed to simplify your IT, protect your data and empower your staff.  We are Microsoft silver competency partner.  For over 31 years, CEO has assisted many small businesses located in the Los Angeles area in various industries to implement compliance policies, to secure their network and protect their data.


Protecting your data and eliminate your network security vulnerabilities are our number one goal. For a free network security analysis, call us at 818-501-2281 or visit our website

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