What To Look For In An IT Managed Services Agreement?

IT managed services is designed to be an integral part of managing and maintaining businesses’ network infrastructure and providing help desk and consulting services to the staff and owners. 

It is crucial for the business owners to feel confident that their data is secure, their staff are supported and they getting the best value for their investment.  And it all comes down to the agreement signed with the IT company and the business owners. It is imperative for owners to do their due diligence to identify what is important for them and what they want to achieve from outsourcing their IT and signing a contract.  A good service agreement provides the following benefits;

  • Minimizing downtime –  this is achieved by proactive monitoring and managing your network and internal and external nodes
  • Saving you money –  per server and workstations flat fee, scalable, no long term contracts & special discount for projects
  • Clearly defined scope of the service-  What is covered, the response time &, additional charges if something is not covered.
  • Hours of coverage- 24×7 monitoring and helpdesk during your hours of operation
  • Included (Anti-virus & Malware, remote access software & content filtering)
  • Backup and Disaster recovery – a verified process to ensure the integrity of the backup on different medias such as online and on premise
  • Vendor Liaison –  Communicating with other vendors such as Internet Service providers, Telephone vendors, copier vendor, Line of Business Application developer, etc.
  • Monthly system Health reports-  Clearing showing the issues that were encountered and the remedies that were applied.  Identifying trouble spots and weaknesses in your network.
  • Virtual CIO –  High-end IT strategic consulting to apply the latest in Information Technology in your business
  • Compliance & Security-  Managed Services is an integral part any compliance requirements such as HIPAA and PCI. 

It is important that any service agreement you sign covers the above ten items.  Although each of the above items has their own subcategories such as having a ticketing system, on-boarding and taking in to the account your environment and culture. But overall results should be the peace of mind that allows business owners to concentrate on running their business seamlessly and achieving your business goals

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