Why You Should Pay More Attention To Your IT Infra-Structure

Infra-Structure is one of the those big hairy words.  When it comes to your IT, it becomes more confusing and why it is neglected or not much attention paid to it.  So what is the IT infra-structure?  And why is it so crucial to your business?  IT infra-structure has many components in to it such as:

  • Power – Appropriate wattage or amperage to the location and devices
  • Battery Backup – for the server or crucial workstations
  • Cabling & Cable management-  right cable speed such as Cat 6
  • Internet and service provider and their equipment – adequate internet speed and additional provider for failover
  • Routers and Firewalls – Reliable brands such as Cisco, Sonicwall with the latest definitions and firmware updates
  • Switches – As important as routers.  They act like a Hub and distribute the data and internet to each device. 
  • Temperature & humidity control for server room and suite-  Adequate air-conditioning and humidity control
  • Perimeter & Physical security –  placing the server, router, switches, storage devices, etc. in a locked room and in a locked cabinet.  As well as having closed circuit TV for monitoring any kind of entry
  • VoIP & Phone Systems-  protecting the phone system and cabling

Each of the above components is critical to running your operation and can cause serious downtime if they misbehave.  For example the power outage during the summer heat or lack of battery backup in a brownout situation.  Or not protecting your server and leaving accessible in a common area that anyone can access it and harm it.  But for most businesses these are items that are only dealt with originally when they were ordered and installed.  And no refresh or upgrade is being applied to them unless they die or malfunction. 

It is highly recommended to review all of the above items every six months and make sure the devices that can be updated are updated accordingly. Look at the installation date and make sure these devices are still under warranty and use the latest technology.  A five year old router is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 

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