Social Media Marketing For Your Small Business

Recently, many of our clients have asked us to assist them with coming up with a strategy to implement social media as a marketing tool they can use to bring new customers and drive up more interest in their services. Our first suggestion, understand what it is you are working with.

Social Media is an amazing tool that allows us to connect to the world around us from the luxury of our desktop or mobile phone. Truly a platform of convenience and information, it can assist in many ways, be it communicating with old friends, checking in and reviewing a restaurant or even announcing life milestones via a post for all to see. Now, that is all on a more personal level. These tools are far mightier when a business is able to use them to their advantage.

So, from a business perspective, how can you use these digital assets to help you raise brand awareness and allow you to reach a broader audience? For one, they allows you to put your business in the spotlight by showcasing all that you have to offer and giving viewers an idea of the products and services you are currently highlighting. To help you make the most of your social media marketing, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you effectively market your business for optimal success.

  1. Find out which social media platform works best for your business. The most common sites include: Facebook (you can create a business page, view real time analytics for your page, post advertisements, speak directly with clients and share posts), Instagram (This works ideal for any type of business who has a product they’d like to advertise, as you post pictures and a description of said item. From an analytical standpoint, the more engagement on your page, the more the algorithm wanes in your favor as more “likes” lead to more exposure), Twitter (Social commentary platform that can be used to post pics and messages and connect directly to a consumer via a “tweet” and private messaging) and lastly, Linkedin (More of a business-centric site which allows you to network with people via a “Two degrees of separation” type of method. The more contacts you have, the more prospect its offer up as well).
  2. Establish what type of content you want to publish, and post it often. Do you have a service that is so great you want the world to know? Perfect! Post about it on Facebook. Having a sale that customers must check out? Upload a pic of its advertisement onto Instagram. The possibilities are endless. A rule of thumb, once you do start posting on your feed or wall, you want to keep it consistent. New content every other day is a good start, but try getting it up to daily so your brand name is up front and center.
  3. Give customers (and prospects) a reason to follow you. Most consumers are easily engaged when it comes to social media, so your social platforms should relay the information they crave as well as some sort of incentive. Giveaways, coupons, free merchandise, and even helpful tips or tricks related to your business are great ways to keep customers involved.
  4. Know your audience and tailor content towards them. As an example, If you own a restaurant that caters towards a younger audience and your ice cream float is visually stunning, post a pic of it. Most people are influenced by impulse and visuals, so the chance of new customers coming in to try that same float (and photograph it to add to their own social media) increases probability greatly.
  5. Monitor your social media and reach out to customers when being reached out to. The beauty of social media is how efficient as well as personable it can be, especially for a small business. If a customer leaves a comment on your Instagram post raving reviews about “how amazing” that ice cream float looks, reel them in by replying to their comment. A simple “It looks even better in person” is free advertisement and that engagement with the customer shows you are not above them, and that you do listen to your customers, whether good or bad.

Now that you have a few pointers leaning you in the right direction, you should be ready to take social media by storm. For additional information or questions, feel free to contact CEO Computers at: 818-501-2281



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