The Dangers of Small Businesses Relying on a Single Internet Provider

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In 2019, the internet is the great equalizer in business. It is what allows small businesses to compete and operate on the same level as a Fortune 500 company. The difference is that many small businesses depend on a single provider or source for their internet and this can create a dangerous situation for their business. Here we will look at the problems that can arise when a small business is dependent on a single internet source and how a new technological solution can mitigate this issue and keep small businesses on track.

Small Businesses Rely on the Internet

If you are like most small businesses, much if not almost all your business is dependent on the internet. You use the internet for browsing, email, remote access, and more. Some small businesses are even running voice over IP (VOIP), using the internet for their phone systems and saving lots of money. Most small businesses work with a single internet provider who provides them with the service they need to stay connected online to run their business and perform their daily operations.  

Losing Internet Connection Can Be Devastating

The danger of relying on one source for your internet is very simple. If anything causes an internet interruption, your business can come to a screeching halt. If your business has experienced this, you know how bad it can be; missed emails or calls from clients, losing touch with remote coworkers, not being able to access critical web-based systems, or being unable to access important files on your server. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem that can be easily and affordably provided by an experienced IT services company.

What You Can Do to Protect Your Business?

There is a new technology that can help small businesses deal with the issue of relying on one internet source called a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN). This is a system that allows internet services from the same or different providers (usually two different providers such as AT&T and Spectrum) to be used simultaneously to create a failover in case one of the provider’s service is not available.

Implementing an SD-WAN will not only protect your company in the event of an internet outage so you can keep your business running, but it can also provide a host of other benefits as well. An SD-WAN can reduce the operating costs of scaling your network as your business grows, and it can make your network easier to use for employees anywhere, at any time. It can also increase your network security by having security features that work on a branch level as opposed to having your data travel back to the main hub for protection.


Losing internet connectivity is a major danger for small business. The good news about this problem is that the solution is affordable, easy to implement and accessible for small businesses. To see how an SD-WAN can help your small business protect itself from internet outages, get in touch with EO Computers, a premier IT Support company. They have been helping small businesses in Greater Los Angeles and the surrounding area deal with IT problems like this and many others for 31 years. See what a managed IT solutions provider like CEO can do for you.

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