The Importance of Trusting Your IT Partner

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Billy Joel once sang that relationships are “A Matter of Trust”. While he was most likely singing about his personal relationships of the moment, the idea can just as easily apply to business relationships too. When you run a small to medium-sized business, being able to trust your vendors and partners is of the utmost importance. Nowhere is this more pronounced than with your relationship with your IT services partner. If you are looking for IT services for your business in the Los Angeles area, you need a trustworthy company like CEO IT Services & Cloud Solutions. Here is why that trust is so important.

Sensitive Information

In 2019, many businesses have sensitive information stored on their networks. Especially for businesses like doctors and healthcare professionals, CPA’s, attorneys, and more, trusting your IT services provider to have access to and protect that data is so incredibly important. You have patient or client data, financial records, employee information and proprietary material that you need to keep private. Without trusting your IT partner, you cannot be sure that information will stay protected. That can mean disaster for your business.

CEO IT Services & Cloud Solutions has been partnering with businesses and protecting their sensitive information for over 30 years. Their clients trust them implicitly to protect the information that matters most. CEO has enthusiastic reviews from clients in the healthcare industry, legal industry, financial industry, and more to back that up.

Bait and Switch Pricing

Let’s face it, the chances are that you don’t know a ton about your companies IT. That is why you are considering bringing in an IT services provider. This is a great idea, but it also means that it can be easy to be taken advantage of by that company. Many untrustworthy IT companies will quote you one price, but once you start doing business those prices will skyrocket. The even scarier part is that once you grant power to a company like that over your IT systems, you may have no choice but to pay.

To avoid this, you need an IT company that offers transparent pricing and consultation about your IT needs. A company like CEO will sit down and discuss with you exactly what you need to implement and why and work within your budget to provide it. This will give you the trust you would have with an in-house IT department with the affordability of an outside services provider.

Keeping You Up and Running

According to the website Small Business Trends, IT downtime costs businesses an average of $1.55 million every year and can lead to over 500 hours of lost staff productivity as well. These are not numbers that a small business can afford to deal with. If you don’t trust that your IT services company is going to be responsive to IT issues when they come up then you are flushing money down the drain.

You need to look for an IT services partner that puts your businesses needs first. A client-centric company like CEO will tailor individual solutions to solve your issues and is committed to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.


A trusted IT services provider is one of the most important relationships you can have in business. That is why small businesses in the Great Los Angeles area have partnered with CEO IT Services & Cloud Solutions for almost as long as Billy Joel has been singing about the importance of trust!

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