You’re Still Not Using Office 365? Five Reasons Why You Need to Start Now

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Have you been meaning to move your business into the cloud, but have been hesitant to make the jump? Office 365 brings tons of benefits for your business and delivers added flexibility and convenience in day-to-day operations. Additionally, Office 365 sweeps the cloud competition: in Europe, 43% of businesses now you use Office 365 (as compared to 22% using Google’s G-Suite). Here are five reasons why your business should take the jump into the cloud today:

  • Work from Anywhere

With cloud-based computing, your office is anywhere you or your team are. A huge benefit of Office 365 is its ability to access your entire data from anywhere with a working internet connection. This is especially beneficial for businesses with remote teams, that operate in multiple locations or are required to travel often and need to access emails, files, and Excel sheets. Sending direct access to your files, rather than slow-loading attachments, from anywhere on  Earth with a connection can dramatically increase productivity, rather than only being active while on-premises and completely shut out of your system while outside.

  • Easy Collaboration – one of the major benefits of Office 365 is its ability to enhance your teamwork capabilities. All team members can work on, edit, and add to any particular document, spreadsheet or presentation simultaneously. Real-time co-authoring displays tags on each edit showing who contributed what.This gets rid of the need for multiple versions of the same document floating around in email attachments.


  • Security – There’s a common misconception that cloud-based computing isn’t safe. But switching to Office 365 isn’t inherently more risky than maintaining onsite servers. Office 365 gives you some great security tools that offer incredible protection.

Encrypted Email – Prevents anyone other than the intended recipient from reading your emails

Mobile Device Management – Allows your IT team to control data on your employees’ mobile devices. In case of loss or theft, you’re able to remotely wipe all sensitive data from the device so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Data Loss Prevention – Microsoft’s DLP policy enables you to highlight, monitor, and prevent sensitive info from leaving your organization

Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) – Microsoft’s unique feature uses machine learning and analytics to detect and alert you to suspicious behavior on your network. It reviews your emails as they arrive in your inbox for malware links and attachments and removes them in real-time. You’ll still receive the email, but with a message explaining why the attachment or link has been removed.

Multi-Factor Authentication – requires dual logins to protect data, such as a phone and a laptop

  • Subscription-based Payment – As a subscription service, you can pay for Office 365 with a relatively low monthly premium rather than large payments upfront, and cancel anytime, which is a great advantage for startups. Or, you can get yearly subscriptions with a built-in discount.
  • Mix and Match Plans – As useful as Office 365 is, with its multitude of features and optimizations, most users are only using about 20% of the functionality of the program. While you should maximize your optimizations to get the best productivity for your business, you may find that not all of your employees need access to every feature. That’s why Office 365 offers a wide range of business plans, and you can mix and match plans across your team to get the best cost-to-benefit ratio out of your Office 365 subscription.

It’s easy to see how Office 365 can ramp up your team’s productivity and streamline your business operations. Make the leap into cloud computing today with help from CEO Computers.


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