What matters to the client most


Delivering a superior IT services starts from listening to the clients and delivering what matters to them most.  It is important not to make our core competency as a standard feature not a one of their requirements.  It is equally important to make sure that every solutions or service is customized to their needs not a one size fits all approach.  One of the highest priorities  from our clients is fast and appropriate response to their problems.  Especially, when it comes to emergencies.  It helps that response time and actions are clearly stated and articulated.  The IT industry suffers from a bad reputation when it comes to the providing a good service. 

Being local and accessible versus offshore support is another sore point when it comes to providing a good service.  The cost and benefits using offshore techs and support is always weighted in by the larger IT companies.  And in all cases the local support is preferred by customers.  Especially when there are dedicate techs and engineers are assigned to your business and become familiar with your operations and idiosyncrasies of your system and operation. The resolution time hence the downtime gets decreased. 

Providing unlimited helpdesk empowers any business and their employees to do their jobs while the tools to do it with is functioning optimally.  And they have the confidence that they can reach for help and support when they need it. 

As saying goes, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.  That is why it is important to monitor the system 24×7 and apply the latest patches regularly and employ an enterprise level antivirus and  content filters.  These routines are coupled with a solid backup and Disaster Recovery program that uses an online backup with regular snapshots.  So if any kind of data loss occurs there is a recourse and the node or the network server can be restored quickly and seamlessly. 

Vendor management and asset and license management are pain points that businesses strongly prefer to be handled by their IT company.

Providing feedback and regular health reports to the businesses owners or executives keep them aware of what is going on with their networks and operation.  It exposes the weaknesses as well strength of their network. 

Technology plays an important part in businesses sustainability and growth.  Without proper consultation, a business cannot leverage the technology to compete and provide a better service to their clients.  The concept of Virtual CTO (chief technology officer) affords businesses to have regular technology meeting with an expert who is familiar with their systems.

 If a solution is not affordable then it is not a complete solution. It is important to make the service agreement as a fixed fee so it can be budgeted.  Most businesses would prefer no long term contracts.

As you can see there are many parts in providing an excellent IT service to a client.  At CEO, we pride ourselves to be a reliable and dependable partner for our clients.Call us at 818-501-2281 to discuss your IT and Managed Services today.

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