Protecting your Business by securing your Business Wi-Fi network

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There are billions Wi-Fi devices in use across the globe and the number is increasing. There are also devices known as  Internet of things or IoT that are proliferating and requiring Wi-Fi access to operate.  With businesses now supplying public & employee access to their Wi-Fi, there is also a greater obligation to protect your network.

It used be that the main issue with Wi-Fi was the strength of the signal. But now, despite continued improvement in the security technology used by Wi-Fi products, businesses still need to be aware of the threats from hackers and Bots attempting to access their networks.  

To eliminate any vulnerabilities and keep hackers and unauthorized people off your Wi-Fi network you should follow the below steps:

  • Installing a reputable router  such as Cisco, SonicWall, etc. and keeping it updated with the latest security patches right away.
  • Have a strong complex password to access the router. 
  • Restrict the Physical access to the your router.
  • Securing the access via WAP2 protocol not WEP or unsecure access.
  • Make sure the SS-ID is not traceable to your business.  Choose  an obscure name.
  • Set up a different IP Scheme for the Wi-Fi.  Good routers allow you to have a different IP Scheme so it is not the same as your network.
  • Create “guest” Wi-Fi connections and change the password regularly. 
  • Employee awareness.  Inform and train your employees to be vigilant and not to give the Wi-Fi password to any unauthorized person and not connect personal devices to your network.  Any password should be complex and regularly changed. 

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