We Take Dark Web Seriously, So Should You..

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We are excited to announce our partnership with ID Agent, the leading Cyber Security company helping organizations by monitoring their digital credentials on Dark Web. Data breach is a major issue affecting all businesses, large and small.  You may have heard of the Dark Web but may not quite be familiar with it.  The Dark Web is a hidden part of the Internet- a sublayer of the web that is hidden and not searchable from conventional search engines. Search engines like Google, BING and Yahoo only search .04% of the indexed or “surface” Internet. The other 99.96% of the Web consists of databases, private academic and government networks, and the Dark Web. The Dark Web is estimated at 550 times larger than the surface Web and growing. Because you can operate anonymously, the Dark Web holds a wealth of stolen data and illegal activity.  Some of these stolen data consist of emails and passwords for various business and personal accounts, credit card and financial information and other sensitive information. 

The ID Agent service is designed to help both public and private sector organizations detect and mitigate cyber threats that leverage stolen email addresses and passwords. Dark Web ID leverages a combination of human and artificial intelligence that scours botnets, criminal chat rooms, blogs, Websites and bulletin boards, Peer to Peer networks, forums, private networks, and other black market sites 24/7, 365 days a year to identify stolen credentials and other personally identifiable information (PII)

This service focuses on cyber threats that are specifics to the businesses environments.  It accomplishes this by looking specifically for the clients’ top level email domains., Utilizing this tool allows us to  monitor over 500 distinct Internet relay chatroom (IRC) channels, 600,000 private Websites, 600 twitter feeds, and execute 10,000 refined queries daily.

The advantages of Dark Web monitoring via ID Agent are as follows:

  • Monitoring emails in your entire domain such as kim@abccompany.com
  • Monitoring personal email accounts
  • Identifying the method and source how the data was stolen

While we can’t say definitively that the data we’ve discovered has already been used to exploit your organization, the fact that we are able to identify this data should be very concerning. We can help you find out if you have been a victim of data breach.  Contact us for a FREE search of your organization’s top domain in the Dark Web at: info@ceocomputers.com

About Us: CEO Computers is a Los Angeles IT Support & Cloud Solutions company.  For over 31 years, CEO has assisted many small businesses located in the Los Angeles area in various industries to implement compliance policies, to secure their network and protect their data.

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