How to Protect your Mobile Device from Hackers


Ah, you would say “Now I have to worry about my mobile device not getting compromised by hackers too? As if worrying about your computers and your identity was not enough, now hackers are after my mobile devices?” You may not realize but your cell phone  has huge amount of sensitive data, being private messages, photos, financial account info, contacts, you name it. That’s why they are the obvious target for hackers.

Ugh! Is there one tool that can protect me from any and all current and future attacks?

The answer, unfortunately is a big NO but wait! There are ways to lower the risk and minimize the hacks:

  • Maybe this is THE most important thing you should do; keep your mobile device OS version up to date. This will make it much harder for hackers to access your data
  • Even after the update, be on the lookout for emergency fixes that sometime comes after the update. Keep the OS up to date to the most current version at all time
  • Enable Auto-Update for all your Software and Apps
  • Make sure your screen lock password has at least 6 characters
  • Make sure your phone locks automatically after certain idle time
  • In case of iPhone, make sure your Apple ID has two-factor authentication to prevent anyone from accessing your data on iCloud
  • For Android users,  do the same for your Google account. Always have two-factor authentication for any website that offers it, as a rule of thumb
  • Never jailbreak (iPhone) or root (android)  your phone. Doing so will make them more susceptible for non-standard tools/Apps to be installed on your device
  • Use security Apps for your iPhone and Android phones. There are many ‘free’ versions that your could use, such as iSafe or Norton Mobile Security and Lookout App. They could protect protecting against phishing, WiFi attacks and malware. Having said all this, you should know there are no real Antivirus Apps for iPhone devices but more of a security Apps. The top rated AV app for Android phones, which is also free, is BitDefender
  • Backup ALL your phone data on a regular basis
  • Make sure you know how to remote wipe your Android or iPhone in case of a lost phone

We all love technology and utilize them for many of our daily activities. But with technology, comes responsibility and risk so always be vigilant and practice safe measures.  We have been helping our customers for the past 30+ years to stay one step ahead of hackers by providing them training, awareness and tool to protect their data. For more information, feel free to contact us at CEO Computers: 818-501-2281 or visit us at: and we will be happy to assist.

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