What to do to defend against Cyber Security threats


Every day, we read about another company getting hacked or  massive amount of data being breached.  Nowadays, it seems like most people have reached the state of numbness or filter these kind of news until it happens to them. They experience the pain of data loss and identity theft and wonder why they were not more cognizant about it.  Our prospects ask us what to do to protect themselves against it? In a single word is being vigilant monitor everything all of the time and  follow the security guidelines in our playbook. We have created a small E-Book posted on our website The challenge grows as more and more of devices are now connected to the internet (IoT internet of things), such as Rings (cameras) and Nest (thermostats), Apple watches and many others.  And any vulnerabilities in these devices result in your credentials and sensitive becoming for sale on the Dark Web.

One of our clients told us that nobody likes to go to the doctors or pay for the medicine or pay for the ransomware.   As we know, the ransomware payment demands have skyrocketed – from an average of $12,000 in Q1 of 2019 to three times as much at $36,000 in Q2 of 2019. But these “ransoms” to unlock wrongfully encrypted computer systems do not include the cost of lost productivity, impact to reputations, and expense to recover from successful attacks. The global damage of ransomware annually is estimated to be in the tens of billions of dollars at this point. Much of this threat is aimed at small and mid-sized organizations that have fewer resources to defend themselves.

At CEO Computers, we see how agonizing and painful it is when a prospect or client is hit by a malware or a ransomware.  To keep ourselves ready to protect our clients against malware and security threats we are employing the industry recommended best practices and acquiring and partnering with leading security companies such as ID agent that has tools and monitoring systems to identify if your sensitive data or credentials is in the Dark Web and how to protect you from becoming a victim. Check out our Cybersecurity Checklist for tips and tricks to keep your system safe.

CEO Computers offers:

Risk Assessment

We can perform a network risk assessment that encompasses your organizational risk, personnel risks, and technical risks.

Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, and Anti-Spam Protection

All of our core solution bundles and packages include anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-spam protection for your desktops and servers. These include our Network Essentials package and Business Bundle.

Online Security Training

We offer online security awareness training to all employees of our managed IT services clients. A monthly subscription version of this training is also available and includes ongoing education, weekly quizzes, and simulated phishing attacks.

Network Vulnerability Testing

This testing is free to our managed IT services clients. An external vulnerability scan can give you certainty and clarity about the vulnerabilities of your network and the information you need to act to improve your security.

Managed Firewall Service

Our Managed Firewall solution provides constantly monitored and managed next-generation firewalls, with features such as DPI-SSL (encrypted traffic inspection).

Leading Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Solutions

We have data backup and BCDR options for all requirements and budgets. We partner with leading backup and recovery companies such as Datto and Barracuda.  We offer appliances that allow clients to quickly recover a functioning system, applications, and their data in case of a failure on their production hardware or software systems. It is automatically backed up to a secure remote data center in case of a disaster affecting your entire facility.

Network Security Monitoring

Our Network Security Monitoring appliance constantly scans your IT network for security threats and events that are then analyzed with sophisticated software and a 24/7 Security Operations Center. We notify you of the most dangerous threats and jointly determine how to eliminate them.

Shared CIO/CISO Role

Unsure of where to go with your cybersecurity practice? We offer a Shared CIO or CISO role, where one of our consultative experts helps to shape and lead your technology and/or cybersecurity initiatives. This role aims to work with your IT team and your businesses leadership to achieve your goals.

In Conclusion

there is a lot going on in the industry around cybersecurity. The good guys are building tools as fast as they can to protect against the known and expected threats. We promise that we will stay on top of it so that we can provide strong, trusted, simple security solutions.

For more information, feel free to contact us at CEO Computers: 818-501-2281 or info@ceocomputers.com and we will be happy to assist.

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