Is IT Support an “Essential Service” during the Pandemic?

Why IT Support is Essential for Managers min

As the US and the rest of the world is dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic and trying hard to flatten the curve by following stay at home, work from home and social distancing, we continue to work hard to help our clients to succeed in these challenging times! We have been helping all of our clients and their employees who want to work from home and ironed out majority of the problems associated with it.

Now more than ever it is necessary to perform daily monitoring of the businesses networks and its infrastructure where all the internal and remote users are connecting to.  Checking out the severs and local workstations to be available and in working conditions for the employees who are working from home.  More than anything else to make sure the internet in the office has the capability of handling the load.  Coming up with redundancy (second internet provider).  Applying all the operating system and applications patches and all the third party software updates as well as antivirus updates on a daily basis.  Monitoring the backups on the daily basis and guiding remote users not to save any data on their home computers. 

In any pandemic or disaster there are people who take advantage of the situation and consider it a great opportunity to scam businesses via emails or fake websites.  We constantly warn employees and business executives about the scammers and hackers and tell our customers not to click on any unknown links or open any attachments.  The scammers use clever ways asking for money for people affected by the Covid-19.  Or send you information about cures or related situation.  Just avoid them completely.

We remind our clients’ employees who are working from home to follow the same security guidelines handling any private or sensitive information as if they were working inside the office.  Do not show or share these information with any member of your family.  Disconnect from the server or your office workstation when you are done with your work.    

One of the major responsibility of IT support is communicating and interfacing with other vendors that client uses in their business and making sure no one drops the ball and nothing falls through the cracks to make sure a smooth operation during the crisis.    

Our main priority is, to keep each other and our communities healthy and safe and take care of our customers’ most critical needs.  We are here to assist you with all you IT needs. Call us at 818-501-2281 or email us for any help. 

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