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By now we realize the way used to run our businesses has changed dramatically.  The economic fallout of the Covid-19 has touched all the businesses especially the small businesses. Many organizations were able to send home entire workforces and IT was able to spin up collaboration platforms and support remote workers literally overnight.  Up to 30% of workers will continue to use the Work From Home (WFH) model and it will continue at least for a while. Or maybe continued as part time as a permanent option for some.

Many projects are on hold or some have been cancelled (including IT projects) and only mission critical projects are addressed by the executives.  Cost considerations now ruling any decisions.  Businesses had to employ the technology tools like Remote access, video conferencing and collaboration immediately and they were surprised of the ease of use and the low cost of acquiring and implementation. In the past, these applications were reserved for only very large companies and elaborate conference rooms.

There are other businesses such as Cloud applications and migration to the Cloud that are as affordable as easy to implement as Video conferencing and collaboration that can benefit small businesses tremendously.

CEO Computers has been assisting many businesses in Southern California with their IT needs for the last 32 years. We are offering Free Business Technology assessment to assess your IT and Communications infrastructure to help determine whether:

– How to leverage the latest technology seamlessly and inexpensively to improve productivity

–  Your current services are they still needed or necessary

– IT expenses (such as licensing) are being duplicated or overbilled

– Current vendor contracts need to be reviewed or modified

– Any of you current

The goal is to save you money and reduce your expenses while using the latest technology to your advantage.  Call us for a free assessment at 818-501-2281 or email us info@ceocomputers.com

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