What Constitutes Good IT Services?

what is good customer service

Providing professional services have many common denominators. In many ways, they are just good to great customer service practices.  Although not all customer needs are the same, and not all customers are alike, everyone values and appreciate a good service when they receive it.  The more consistently these services are performed, the more your brand becomes stronger; which guarantee’s the growth and longevity of your brand.

There are many books and articles written about how a company or a professional can provide superior service. When it comes to the IT Services we provide, we have over 32 years of experience, and have risen to the occasion in various dealings with customers and their services. We pride ourselves on these. Here is what is to be expected from CEO Computers:

  1. Integrity – Wanting the customer’s best interest and providing value so the trust relationship becomes stronger as the years pass by.
  2. Recognizing the fundamentals – These include: quick response, quick resolution, providing competitive rates, as well as getting to understand the client’s culture and dynamics of their organization (and adapting to it).
  3. Putting it in writing – We all are bound by our promises and contracts (An SLA, aka Service Level Agreement). Following the stated terms in SLA is how we exceed or fall short of the client’s expectations.
  4. Constant communication – This entails keeping the client informed about what is going on with their Network, backup, infrastructure, helpdesk and security, as well as informing them about new technologies, which is a must.
  5. Applying Standardization – It is important to apply the best industry practices and bringing the network and the nodes to a level on par with what is a recommended guideline. Having the latest operating systems as well as the latest updates on all the hardware and software, and monitoring the network, latest antivirus definitions, etc.
  6. Quarterly Business review – We live in a world that technology changes every second. Keeping our clients informed about what is relevant to them and what they need to employ is best.
  7. Transparency & Documentation – It is crucial to be transparent and deliver what is promised. Services rendered and products delivered should be itemized and explained in invoices. To avoid any surprises, a detailed proposal should be given and a signed copy should be received before starting any jobs. Any passwords and licenses for the products and software should be documented and refreshed regularly, with a copy given to the client.
  8. Responsibility and accountability – No matter how hard a vendor tries, there will be human errors and mistakes, as missteps will occur. It is best to recognize the issue and accept the error as soon as possible. Notify the client and assume responsibility, as well as find ways to compensate them for their troubles.
  9. Strive for the perfect experience – Also known as the “Wow” experience, this can only be achieved if there is a system in place that concentrates on ultimate customer satisfaction. This begins with the first interaction, the sales process, on-boarding and continuous support throughout the relationship. The system also needs to be consistently analyzed and modified if necessary.

We have been lucky that majority of our clients are long term clients that have been with us for many years.  Let us provide a superior IT services to you and be a partner and trusted advisor.  Our consultation is free please call us at 818-501-2281 or email us info@ceocomputers.com.

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