Celebrating 33 Years in Business

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In October of 1988, Computer Engineering operation (DBA CEO Computers) officially started to help small businesses employ the fast-growing PC (personal computer) technology.  Coming from a corporate world,  we realized that large companies had the resources to get the best technology and manage it while smaller businesses did not.  Our priority was to provide the resources and manage the technology for the small businesses cost-effectively.

Throughout the last 32 years, we have learned many things about providing good customer service, and the essential part of it is that trust takes a long time to make and a fraction of the second to break.  We have been fortunate enough that all of our clients have found us to be ethical in our dealings with them and have stayed with us for a long time.  Our employees have been an integral part of our success and have upheld our values and principal of providing superior service to our clients. 

What has worked for us is not new or out of the norm.  They are tried and true principals that have worked for any professional company or business that has been serious about putting the client’s interests first and have strived to create a partnership between the two entities.  Here are some of our principals that we have followed:

  1. Trust is the most important thing.  It should be valued and protected.  It is made up of honesty and competence and minimizes the risks of doing business with us.
  2. Staying on top of our profession and knowing and implementing the best industry practices. 
  3. We treat all clients with decency, respect, and are all equal, regardless of size. It might seem tempting to treat more prominent clients better while ignoring smaller clients, but that is not how we do business. As a small business ourselves, we pride ourselves on being inclusive and going above and beyond for all clients.
  4. Delivering what is promised and not taking any short cuts.  Our word is our reputation.   
  5. Valuing our work and being proud of the job delivered.  Eventually, the bad and low quality work will rear its ugly head, and it is not possible to reverse it.

So what does all these mean to you as our clients:

  • Security is first!  We will protect your data using the best technology and practices.
  • We will give you the best service and products that you deserve.  Our goal is to empower your business through technology and support it.
  • We will be competent and proactive to eliminate and minimize any downtime
  • We will not nickel and dime you. We will treat your business like ours
  • Your trust and satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us.
  • We will try to make our solutions and services scalable. Our solutions are designed to consider your future growth.
  • We have no contracts and offer fixed pricing for most of our services
  • We have special rates and discounts for non-profits
  • We are a community-oriented and great believer in helping local charities.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We are looking forward to serving you for many years to come.

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