Welcoming 2021…

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For those of you who remember the anguish we went through during 1999 for the Y2K bug, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought us much more anguish and uncertainty.  The economic impacts on our businesses and the death tolls on our community, country, and the world have made this pandemic an unprecedented disaster that we will need to deal with for years to come. 

Although 2020 was a whirlwind year that took everyone by surprise, we can rejoice in the knowledge we gained in learning how to adapt and survive.

We have the reassurance of knowing that vaccines are available to combat this deadly virus and all the guidance to avoid catching it.  We have ironed out most of the kinks for working from home in the last nine months or so. Children are growing accustomed to long-distance learning, and most businesses, who were able to, have managed to roll with the punches.  Zoom has become a household name, and we all have become more digitally savvy. 

With the New Year just a couple of days away, our number one resolution is staying healthy and hoping that the country will soon reach herd immunity. We also know that work from home is here to stay and is an asset in getting this goal.

As business owners and executives, we must put a greater emphasis on our employees and empowering them, allowing them to feel more connected vs. isolated. These are crazy times, and our employees are the thriving force that drives our businesses towards success. Recognition and being in tune goes a long way. Global studies have proven that when it comes to inspiring employees to do their best at work, nothing else compares – not even higher pay, a promotion, autonomy, or training – to feeling appreciated and valued.

We should also practice compassion towards the less fortunate and lend a hand whenever or wherever we can. Our cities homelessness crisis has become everyone’s primary concern after the pandemic.  It is evident that there are no simple solutions for it, and the problem is growing.  It should be part of everyone’s new resolution to do whatever they can to ease this problem.  Many charity organizations are in desperate need of assistance and support.  We have personally contributed to Goodwill, San Fernando Valley Mission, and LA Foodbank.   

The Digital divide still exists, and if you have older computers and laptops for a donation, we still refurbish them and provide them to the local schools.  We were fortunate enough to handout more than 700 Mini IPads, computers, and laptops this year.

We wish all of you a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season and New Year and looking forward to serving you for the years to come. 

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