“IT Pain Points” Series – Part 1: Unresponsive IT Support

unresponsive it support

 Part 1: Unresponsive IT Support Poor Response Time & Slow Resolution to Problems: Many IT companies have a reputation for providing a slow response to service requests – this is surprisingly the most common issue we hear about. How many businesses in other industries can allow a sluggish response time to their customer’s problems? We often hear about 4-5 day response times from competitors and left messages with no return call. Typically, they’re able to get away with it because business managers are too busy or afraid of the consequences to make a change and are at the mercy of their “IT guys” skillset and know-how.

If there are no contracts that specify the response time for any situation as part of their Service Level Agreement (SLA), things will worsen.  A reputable and dependable IT company will provide a guaranteed “up to one-hour” response time in a Managed Service contract. These issues are usually resolved within an average ticket resolution time of 30 minutes for over 80% of the problems.  

Why this matters…

We live in an age where IT is like electricity.  No business can function without it for a long time.  IT is dynamic yet susceptible to harm by many sources.  Protecting your infrastructure, data, network and optimizing it should have the highest priority. It should also be managed by a responsive and dependable IT company.  Your business objectives should align with your own desire and commitment to keep your business up and running, as well as safe 24x7x365.   

If you relate to the above pain point, contact us. We offer free consultation and have been assisting our clients with their IT challenges for over 33 years.  We provide you with a knowledgeable and responsive IT team behind your business so you can focus on running your business.

Protecting your data and eliminating your network security vulnerabilities is our number one goal.  For a free network /security analysis, call us at 818-501-2281 or visit our website www.ceocomputers.com.

About Us:

CEO Computers is a Los Angeles IT Support & Cloud Solutions company.  Our solutions and services provide a way to simplify your IT, protect your data, and empower your staff.  We are a Microsoft silver competency partner.  For over 31 years, the CEO has assisted many small businesses in the Los Angeles area. We work with various industries and implement compliance policies, secure their network, and protect their data.

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