Special Series “IT Pain Points” – Part Five: Slow Internet/Network & downtime issues

Part Five: Slow Internet/Network & downtime issues – Several different factors come into play when it comes to slow internet/network (or even downtime issues) while attempting to get to the root of the matter. Often, the disruption of these services is an inconvenient one, so you’ll want to figure out how to stop them before they wreak havoc.

To address these, you will want to look at a few essential items that may lead to these problems at hand.

  • Infrastructure  Items such as cabling, routers, switches, Wi-Fi access points, etc.,  should be your first stop when troubleshooting.  Look at the age of these components.  Does their firmware get updated regularly?  Are they capable of handling the loads or speed? Can they be easily replaced?
  • Internet speed Nowadays, the fast internet is very affordable and available in most areas.  What other alternatives do you have if cable or fiber is not available for your area?  Although expensive and troublesome, there are satellite services but can be a good source for fast internet.
  • Wi-Fi- Fast Wi-Fi –  These services depend on the speed of the internet and the access point.  You can purchase boosters and Mesh Wi-Fi extenders very inexpensively.  
  • Hardware/software How old is the server or your workstation? Do they have enough Ram or SSD hard drives?  Do they have the right operating system?  Is there enough storage space or resources available? Do they have the latest driver updates and firmware?
  • Virus/Antivirus   Sometimes, a virus can cause slowness, and sometimes the antivirus can cause the issue. It is essential to have the latest antivirus software and updates.  It is crucial to ensure that the antivirus does not interfere with the operation of applications installed on the server or your computer and bypass it or pause it to see if the issue is resolved.
  • Applications –  Some users are still using older applications or legacy software.  Search for alternatives and uninstall them if necessary and see if the issue is resolved.

Other minor issues cause slowness. For example, backup running all day or small applications that are polling your network, etc.  It pays to have your network or infrastructure to be inspected and analyzed by a professional IT vendor.  Some tools can quickly pinpoint the bottlenecks.  The most important part of this is to be done regularly and get a detailed report about it.

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