Special Series “IT Pain Points” – Part Seven: Low Productivity (Caused by insufficient technology)

Part Seven: Low Productivity (Caused by insufficient technology) – When poor productivity in your business is caused by insufficient technology, it is much easier to solve than other circumstances caused by office dynamics or employee behaviors due to lack of motivation, etc.

Improving productivity in your business is simple. Any interruption or disruption (downtime) should be eliminated.  Also, the employees should have the right tools and adequate training to produce the expected results.   

Nowadays, most productivity applications in any line of business are designed to be affordable, web-based, and scalable).  The hardest part is knowing if these apps are the right solution for your business before purchasing and applying them to your organization.  To overcome this hurdle, you can do free trials and try money-back guaranty offers.  You can consult with an IT expert or find out what applications your industry uses.  What is the cost of applying them to your operation?  Some are universal such as Microsoft Office or Google Docs, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, QuickBooks, Dropbox, etc.  Your line of business applications can be demoed to you, or sometimes they are showcased in your industry trade shows or conferences. 

It pays to have the proper infrastructure such as high-speed Internet, cabling, router, switches, modems, and the appropriate hardware (computers, scanners, printers, servers, storage, battery backup, etc. ) as well.  The hardware costs are continually dropping, and it pays to upgrade your old equipment.

The other factor regarding productivity is making sure all of your office equipment is being updated and patched up regularly. It would be best to employ the latest antivirus and antimalware, etc., to protect yourself against Cyberattacks.   You’ll want to avoid downtime of any kind.  Anytime your computers or network are down, it is affecting your business productivity.  It is crucial to have a reliable IT company monitor your devices, perform updates, provide unlimited helpdesk to your employees, answer any questions, and resolve any problems that might arise.

Lastly, getting feedback from your employees is always the best approach.  They can tell you what works and what does not work. 

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