Special Series “IT Pain Points” – Part Eight: Lack of Knowledge about Cloud Computing

 Part Eight: Lack of Knowledge about Cloud Computing – Nowadays, the Cloud has become a standard way of computing.  But many small businesses are unsure about it and are not willing to take the necessary steps to move their in-house servers and operations to the Cloud.  In reality, “The Cloud” is a cluster of servers located in a data center and leased to you based on your needs.  You are then charged accordingly every month. Due to the pandemic, more and more businesses are recognizing the value of Cloud computing. For good reasons:

  • Cloud solutions enhance data accessibility
  • Collaboration and efficiency like never before by allowing you to work from anywhere and at any time, breaking the barrier of communication and collaboration.
  • Cost savings (Electricity, maintenance, and IT management)
  • Security as well as backup and Disaster Recovery

Migration to the Cloud is a lot simpler and less expensive than before.  In many ways, we all have been using the Cloud and not knowing that we were.  For example, if you are using Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, etc., you have been using the Cloud.  The reason being, these are all cloud-based email services. If you are using Dropbox or similar storage apps, they too are cloud-based services.

Another example is iCloud. If you are using iCloud for saving your on-device pictures, that too is a Cloud app.  The Cloud extends to telephony services such as Voice over IP.  So, your PBX and voicemail are hosted in the Cloud. 

The easiest way to migrate over to the Cloud is by upgrading gradually, for example, using Office 365 for your emails.  Microsoft has many Cloud-based services and add-ons that you can apply once you have migrated your emails to them.  These add-ons could include SharePoint, Teams, Intune, etc.

Another important step is using an online backup (which all are Cloud-based).  This is a simple migration, and the costs are very reasonable now.  Or, if you decide, try taking one of your business applications, such as accounting, online. 

Once you take these steps, you can reap the benefits of migrating to the Cloud and staying competitive. 

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