Special Series “IT Pain Points” – Part Twelve: Company-wide Disconnect (No Access to all the Resources)

Part Twelve: Company-wide Disconnect (No Access to all the Resources) – “Company Disconnect” is a common syndrome that many businesses suffer from it and it directly affects their productivity and bottom line.  The best examples are when you have two or more branches and no standardization across the board. For instance, one has a server and is properly set up to address all productivity needs. However, the other branches only use a minimal configuration (ex: a couple of computers, no backups, no centralized file, and print sharing) and also don’t implement best practices for adhering to compliance guidelines, etc.

Oftentimes, there are cases where the headquarters are unaware of the types of configuration that each branch has, how computers are set up, who has access to what, and what kinds of security threats and vulnerabilities they have that are causing the rest of the organization to be at risk.

Sometimes, the main culprit is not having a knowledgeable IT person organizing the resources and making them available companywide.  As a result, one employee is taking on the burden of dealing with the company IT on top of their own responsibilities.  Although this strategy may pay off in the short term, the cost of Disconnect will overtake whatever savings are gained.   

We have come across cases that subscriptions for specific software or services that have been going on for years, even though the services have not been used for years.  In addition, turnover in certain businesses is high, and the owners and executives do not follow the protocol of changing the passwords or deleting the account, and terminating employees’ remote access. 

There are many examples like those mentioned here.  It pays to outsource your IT to a dependable IT company that can partner with you and support your technology, as well as providing you with regular reports about the status of your technology.  They can let you know what is out there and what it takes to apply the new technologies to your organization. After all, any business wants to be competitive and profitable. 

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