It’s Time to Implement Cyber Resiliency


We all know from recent data breaches that cybersecurity provisions (preventing hackers from attacking your network and accessing your data) are not very foolproof. Today’s hackers are innovating and automating in unpredictable ways.

That’s why it’s time to shift your focus from strict cybersecurity to cyber resiliency (responding and recovering after an attack has happened and continuous access to business data and resources.)  Also, applying solutions and putting tried and true practices in place to prevent attacks and enabling your organization to quickly recover when any disaster (natural, human error, and other common forms of data loss) happens.

Prevention will always be better than cure, and to prevent cyber-attacks and data breaches requires a multi-layered approach to cyber resilience that includes technology, people, and processes. This will consist of implementing comprehensive security policies and providing cyber resilience training and in-work support to ensure everyone knows their role.  We have summed up six critical elements of Cyber Resilience:

  1. Content filtering – Blocking staff from visiting dangerous websites that expose them to the cyber risks, known and unknown.
  2. Backup- Using the latest online backup technology to back up all your data and operating system (taking an image of your server’s drives) regularly using 30 minutes snapshots.
  3. Protect- Against all types of incoming threats before they can infiltrate your network because every layer matters. You are utilizing the best enterprise-level antivirus, anti-spam and advanced threat protection products.  Getting into Darkweb to make sure your credentials and emails are not compromised.  Password policy as well as implementing the two-factor authentications. 
  4. Monitoring and patch management. Utilizing the latest Remote monitoring management to apply the Operating System patches and third-party software patches.
  5. Training- the people in your organization to recognize security threats and not take the bait in phishing attacks.  The employee awareness training should  be done regularly and includes drills and drills and appropriate information and materials.
  6. Restore- your data if the unfortunate happens in one easy step to get back on your feet quickly. This requires having reliable backups and that their integrity is tested.

It would be beneficial to consider and have Cyber Security insurance on top of your business insurance.

We use several solutions for each of these critical elements to provide you with the best defense mechanism to fend off any attacks and enjoy the fastest way of recovery if a disaster occurs.  These include latest state of the art firewalls, enterprise-level content filtering software, the latest antivirus & anti-spam software, DNS protection, advanced threat protection, and IT consulting to tie them all together. No solution is complete unless it is affordable. 

Cyber resiliency is more than a set of technologies backed by security policies and procedures; cyber resilience involves a mindset change about how security operates within an organization and beyond.

For over 33 years, we have supported and protected our clients’ data by providing 24×7 monitoring and support.  In addition, our unlimited helpdesk can provide your staff with the peace of mind that they need to be productive. We have authorized partners with Microsoft, Symantec, Bitdefender, Datto, Acronis, Veritas, Barracuda, Sonicwall, Cisco, and many more software and hardware Behemoths to bring you the best solutions that fit your need and budget.

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