Why Having a Managed Services Provider is Essential

Managed Service Provider

Unsure if you need a Managed Service Provider for your business? In today’s business environment, small businesses are heavily dependent on their Information Technology. Any disruption or downtime can cause financial hardship and reduce the quality of service provided to their clients. To ensure continuous uptime and mitigate any problems, it is highly recommended for small businesses to work with a dependable, caring, and knowledgeable IT company. 

There’s a misguided notion out there that a Managed Service Provider only makes sense for large firms. The theory goes that small businesses can’t afford managed IT services, or the real benefits don’t kick in until they reach a larger size. We disagree.

Here are some solid reasons why Managed Services are essential for small businesses like yours:

Lower Your IT Costs

When you manage your own IT or call an IT company in case of a network problem, you’re on the hook for everything in real-time. But, when something goes down, that’s beyond the ability of your in-house team to fix, or you’re not sure when a specialist can bring your system up and how much it would cost. So your costs are lower when you choose managed services in just about every case.

Stabilize Your IT Costs

With managed services, your costs are predictable. One monthly fee gets you all the support you need—no more payments to pricey specialists.

Access a Broad, Deep Skill Set

Having a Managed Service Provider as your partner can bring you the peace of mind that a team of experts with a wide variety of skills is ready to promptly and correctly handle any problems you might encounter. There are no more jerry-rigged IT fixes and no more calls to expensive specialists who are slow to respond. When you have a Managed Services agreement, the response time is immediate. 

What other benefits are there?

Enhance Your Cybersecurity

Most small businesses are having a hard time protecting their data and sensitive information against Cyber-attacks. The majority of them do not have the resources to stay current on internet security. They have no plan if they in case of a data breach.

By contracting with a qualified Managed Service Provider, you can access proactive remote network monitoring. Your MSP will see it and take corrective measures if an intrusion occurs.

Some small businesses even think they are immune from the threat because they’re small. This is far from the truth. Most hackers and digital thieves create Bots to look for vulnerabilities. The Bots scan the internet and attack vulnerable targets, like small businesses with dated technology and policies. Don’t be a victim; enhance your cybersecurity by contracting with an MSP.

Focus on What Sets You Apart

What makes your organization special? Something does, or you’d be out of business by now. Every minute that someone in your organization spends making IT decisions or problem-solving IT issues is time they aren’t spending on what makes you unique.

Partnering with a managed services provider will free your in-house staff to continue making your organization uniquely you by focusing on what sets you apart.

Reduce Stress on Leadership

Contracting with a qualified managed services provider is a great way to reduce the stress load on your team. IT problems require attention from leadership and can cause stress when a company doesn’t have a cohesive plan for defending against cyber-attacks. They can’t solve this problem themselves, but they worry about the company’s liability if an attack does occur. In addition, your finance, accounting, and HR leaders will experience stress when the current in-house team solves problems inefficiently and as that team balloons in size to meet demands.

If your small business could help in any of these areas, it’s time to learn more about what CEO Computers can do for you. Contact us today to get started.

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