IT Services for Startups


We have proudly supported numerous startups throughout the years and witnessed their remarkable growth, much like our own. At CEO Computers, we understand that startups need unique IT support to ensure seamless operations and establish a reliable technology infrastructure, allowing them to serve their clients effectively. Unlike established businesses, startups often face budget and resource constraints that make it challenging to have in-house IT personnel or outsource expensive IT services. However, we are here to bridge that gap and provide tailored IT services specifically designed for startups.

Here is a comprehensive list of the support services we have successfully delivered to numerous startups in the past:

  1. Network and Infrastructure Support: We excel in managing and maintaining robust and secure network infrastructures, including internet connectivity, Wi-Fi access, and data services. Additionally, we assist with setting up and maintaining network equipment, troubleshooting connectivity issues, and ensuring network security.
  2. Hardware and Software Support: Our team efficiently manages and maintains the hardware and software resources within shared office spaces. We provide comprehensive support for desktops, laptops, printers, projectors, and other peripherals. Our services encompass hardware installations, upgrades, troubleshooting, software installations, updates, and licensing.
  3. System Administration Support: We handle the management and maintenance of server infrastructures, including server monitoring, user account and permission management, data backups, and system security.
  4. Help Desk and Technical Support: We provide responsive and efficient help desk support, which is crucial for the smooth functioning of startup businesses. Our dedicated support team troubleshoots software and hardware issues, assists with user account setups, and promptly addresses any technical concerns raised by clients or their employees.
  5. Security and Data Protection Support: Data security is of utmost importance for startups, and we play a critical role in maintaining data integrity and protecting sensitive information. Our services include implementing robust security measures such as firewalls and antivirus software, managing user access controls, conducting security audits, and educating clients and their employees on best practices for data protection.
  6. Audiovisual (AV) Support: We understand the significance of managing and maintaining meeting rooms and event spaces equipped with audiovisual technology. Our experienced team assists with AV setup and troubleshooting, ensuring that projectors, screens, audio systems, and video conferencing equipment function flawlessly.
  7. Cloud Services and Collaboration Tools: We leverage the power of cloud services and collaboration tools to enhance client productivity and communication. Our IT support team provides assistance in setting up and managing various cloud-based platforms, such as file storage and sharing services, project management tools, and communication platforms.
  8. Data Connectivity and Telecommunications: Ensuring reliable and high-speed internet connectivity and telecommunications services is essential for startup-type businesses. Our IT support team collaborates with service providers to establish and maintain data connections, troubleshoot connectivity issues, and provide support for telecommunications systems like VoIP phones.

While these are general areas of IT support that CEO Computers has successfully assisted startups with, we understand that specific requirements may vary based on the size of the startups, the types of clients served, and the level of technological sophistication. Rest assured, we are fully equipped to address your unique needs and provide the necessary guidance.

If you are a startup needing reliable IT support and consultation, we invite you to call us at 818-501-2281 or email us at Our consultation is completely free, and we are dedicated to putting our experience and resources behind your business and goals. Trust CEO Computers to be your reliable IT partner, empowering your startup’s growth with efficient and tailored IT services.

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