Case Studies

At CEO Computers, we are committed to building enduring partnerships and consistently delivering exceptional value, making our clients the central focus of all our efforts. For over 35 years, businesses have trusted us to provide outstanding IT services. Explore our Case Studies to see how your organization can benefit from our expertise in IT solutions.

Our diverse portfolio includes clients from a variety of sectors including Healthcare, Engineering, Accounting, Financial Services, Legal, Non-Profit Organizations, Manufacturing, and Real Estate. If your industry isn’t listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our team members will be happy to discuss your specific goals and requirements.

Our clients typically have between 5 and 100 workstations and rely on email, internet, and line-of-business applications in both on-premise and cloud environments. They also benefit from remote and hybrid work solutions, as well as help desk and IT consultation services. These organizations choose CEO Computers to manage their IT infrastructure, avoiding the costs associated with in-house IT staff. We help their teams by resolving network issues swiftly, ensuring continuous productivity and high levels of client satisfaction.

Partnering with our skilled IT professionals provides you with proactive problem prevention and rapid response times. At CEO Computers, we treat your business as our own, fostering a trusted relationship that supports long-term success.

We thrive when working with clients who:

– Value reliability and security in their IT systems.
– View technology as a crucial tool for enhancing productivity and gaining a competitive edge.
– Seek a trusted advisor to help elevate their company’s performance in all areas.
– Are ready to invest in technology to streamline communication and reduce manual processes.

By partnering with us, you’ll benefit from a team that embodies these core values, helping you succeed through efficient and innovative technology solutions. Take a look at our Case Studies for proof of this.

We have successfully addressed various challenges for our clients, including, as shows in the following Case Studies:

– CPA Firm – Woodland Hills: Addressed security concerns and IRS compliance by migrating to Office 365, implementing two-factor authentication, encryption, and Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection, alongside installing Datto backup systems and Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM).
– Law Firm – Encino: Enhanced security following a breach with improved physical protections, complex password policies, two-factor authentication, encryption, and Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection. A Datto system for disaster recovery was also installed.
– Healthcare Provider – Glendale: Modernized outdated servers and applications by consolidating servers, installing Windows Server 2019, creating virtual servers, and implementing RMM.
– International Inventory Supplier – Beverly Hills: Addressed remote access and security concerns by upgrading to Windows Server 2019, creating virtual servers, implementing VPN, and enhancing Office 365 with two-factor authentication and advanced threat protection. A new Datto server was also set up.
– Architects – Pasadena: Solved slow internet issues affecting file transfers and communication by upgrading to AT&T Fiber optics, optimizing Ethernet cables, installing a Layer 3 Switch, programming VLANs for VoIP, and setting up a SonicWall TZ500 for fast and reliable connections.
– CPA Firm – Los Angeles: Facilitated the transition of accounting applications to the cloud through data migration, synchronization with cloud-based applications, and setting up desktop access for additional branches.
– Law Firm – Los Angeles: Managed the challenges of a mixed Mac and PC environment and unreliable servers by moving data to SharePoint, implementing web-based legal programs, and providing consulting support.

Our expertise and tailored solutions empower businesses across industries to overcome unique technology obstacles and achieve optimal performance.