Green IT Support

With energy prices soaring and corporate cost-cutting at full tilt, it’s almost impossible to avoid the topic of energy efficiency. Just about every product is trying to convince us how green it is.
1 That’s excellent, but how many of us have actually sat down and done the math to see what our IT operations consume and how much they cost us? The following is some of tools and approaches we use to employ Green Technology and minimize cost.

Employ virtualization strategies for efficiency and economy.

  • By running multiple applications on a single server, businesses make the most of their hardware and software resources.
  • Virtualization reduces energy costs by creating an on demand environment for business applications. It improves operations by managing information traffic and workflow.

Optimize cooling systems for safety and savings.

  • CEO features hardware options with low power memory, low power processor, improved power supply and air flow technologies. The result is energy savings and eco-friendly data centers.

Identify problem areas and inefficiencies.

  • Inefficient data centers incur unnecessary costs and impede the expansion of your business.
  • Our expert consultants will analyze your operations from end to end. We will advise you on how to save on energy and give your infrastructure the flexibility to grow your business. Monitor and manage ongoing energy usage.

Plus virtualization solutions are scalable by nature. We believe that technology should never impede the growth of your business.

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