To keep pace in an increasingly competitive world, your company needs to maximize its productivity.   As an IT consultant and trusted advisors one of our main responsibilities is recommending and implementing and augmenting a system/process that brings the highest amount of productivity and efficiency to your organization.  Although this is a wide and deep subject and there are many factors involved because no two organizations are alike, but there are common denominators that we can address. And in this blog it is appropriate for us to discuss the IT related aspects of it. All business productivity gurus agree that the highest productivity can only be achieved when you have an established process which is well documented and refined regularly.  Here are what I think is the best way to achieve productivity in your office:

  • Finding the right software (Line of Business Applications) written or developed for your business. The factors involved are the cost, ease of use, support and compatibility.
  • Centralizing your data and resources. This way all of your data & resources are accessible to all employees and managing and maintaining them require less efforts.
  • Collaborative Apps, such as Skype, Slacks, Evernote, Teams, Go to meetings, OneDrive, etc.
  • The appropriate infra-structure which includes internet speed, cabling, VoIP phones, power, adequate storage for data and Air Conditioned environments,
  • Old Technologies. This could be software or hardware.  Most enterprises incur the cost and refresh (upgrade) hardware every three years and get software contracts that include the software support as well as software upgrade to ensure the latest software version is installed in their environment.
  • Automation-  is the best way to take care of redundant and mundane tasks.  Whether it is repetitive data entry or having someone to answer the phones, automation can do magic for any business and organization. 
  • Document management- Locating the right documents, info and data. Most businesses are wasting time to locate a document for several reasons: a- It was never documented b- was kept on a local drive, vs. shared drive, c- hard copy not a digital format, d- wrong digital format, wrong folder,
  • Adequate training.  This is not a secret but most small businesses do not provide adequate training and onboarding when it comes to their employees.  But once they do, they realize the return on investment makes it all worthwhile. 
  • IT support-  Technology is the blood line of your organization.  Working with a caring and experienced IT company to help you maintain your network, monitor and manage and optimize it, as well as implementing all the necessary data  security measures can help your organization tremendously. Especially when your IT advisors can brief you regularly about the health of your network latest technology that can benefit your  business.  


Although, some or all of the above items may overwhelm you, But do not worry, we are here to help. We offer a customized and secure  solution to monitor and manage your network and its nodes. We provide unlimited helpdesk to you staff, provide you with technology consulting to take your business to the next level. 

Protecting your data and eliminating your network security vulnerabilities is our number one goal.  For a free network /security analysis, call us at 818-501-2281 or visit our website

About Us:

CEO Computers is a Los Angeles IT Support & Cloud Solutions company.  As a reputable Managed Service Provider (MSP) our solutions and services are designed to simplify your IT, protect your data and empower your staff.  We are a Microsoft silver competency partner.  For over 31 years, CEO has assisted many small businesses located in the Los Angeles area in various industries to implement compliance policies, to secure their network and protect their data.