Today in 2019, all businesses need IT solutions to run their business. Whether it is as simple as keeping a few computers running efficiently and effectively or as complicated as managing a major network, every small business has some level of IT needs. This can become an issue for many small businesses. Here are some of the biggest IT pain points for small businesses and how working with an IT services company like CEO IT Services and Cloud Solutions for IT solutions in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding areas can help your business thrive.   

Implementing New Technologies

Implementing new technologies for your business can increase productivity, performance, and efficiency. It can also lead to tech and security issues and lost time and money if done unnecessarily, prematurely or incorrectly.  CEO is a client-centric IT company that partners with companies to make sure that their individual needs are met. With CEO, you will get a customized plan for implementing new technology that fits your company’s needs and budget.

Protecting Your Data

There is no bigger nightmare in today’s business world than worrying about securing the data of your business, employees, and customers.  Keeping up to date on all the latest ways people are going after your data and staying current with the best ways to protect your data is a full-time job. When you work with CEO, you are working with experts in the field of IT security who will secure your entire IT environment so you can rest assured that your most important data is safe.

Not Getting the Help You Need

Sometimes the pain point is not about what the problem is, it is about how and how quickly the problem is handled. When you have an IT problem, you are concerned about both downtime for your system and wasting time dealing with your IT company. CEO delivers an immediate response to your issues and provides unlimited access to a help desk that will get your problem solved as soon as possible to get you back to work.

Paying Too Much

If you were told that installing an onsite server backup for your business would cost $500 or $5,000, would you know which one it is closer to? (Hint: It is closer to XXX). Chances are, many small business owners do not know about that sort of thing which is why it is so important to work with an IT company that not only knows it but works within their partner’s budgets and provides affordable and predictable pricing. CEO is a trustworthy company who strives to provide their clients with the best services and products at an affordable price.


While all small businesses have IT pain points, working with the right IT services company can make those pain points a lot less painful.  If you are looking for IT consulting or managed IT services in Los Angeles, CA or any of the surrounding areas such as, Arcadia, CA, Burbank, CA, Chatsworth, CA, Culver City, CA, Downtown LA, Encino, CA, Glendale, CA, Hollywood, CA, Los Angeles, CA, North Hollywood, CA, Pasadena, CA, San Fernando, CA, Santa Monica, CA Sherman Oaks, CA Tarzana, CA Universal City, CA, Van Nuys, CA, West LA, Woodland Hills, CA and more, check out CEO IT Services and Cloud Solutions for all your IT and Cloud Computing needs.