Modern Office


In today’s fast-paced business world, digital transformation is critical for achieving success in a modern office.Modern Office By integrating digital technology into every aspect of your business, you can fundamentally change how you operate and deliver value. However, adapting to change can be challenging, regardless of your industry or business size. That’s why taking small steps toward the right infrastructure and operational platforms is crucial.

Step 1:
Shift Email to the Cloud with Exchange Online
Move your email to the cloud using Exchange Online, a part of Office 365. With this step, you’ll enjoy access to your files from anywhere, real-time collaboration, and strong data security and versioning.

Step 2:
Move File Shares to SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive
Office 365 offers various apps, such as SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive, that you can use to shift your file shares to the cloud. With this shift, you’ll enjoy constant updates and security, lower maintenance and hardware costs, and reduced support expenses.

Step 3:
Identify and Migrate SaaS Apps

Reduce expenses and eliminate manual installations by migrating to SaaS apps. You’ll no longer need to bear the expenses of hardware purchase, provisioning, and maintenance.

Step 4:
Evaluate Workloads for Opportunities to Shift to Azure

Migrate your on-prem servers to the cloud with lift and shift, and use Azure’s Cost Management tool. Consider all platform resources required to support your entire application portfolio using Azure landing zones.

Step 5:
Move Authentication and Central Management to Azure AD, Teams Phones, and Intune

Secure your mobile devices and network with Intune. With this app, you can access remote devices via mobile and use corporate devices or BYOD. Microsoft Teams Phones replace costly legacy phone systems and enable mobile communication.

Modern Office Benefits
Moving to a modern office offers various benefits, including redundancy due to cloud infrastructure, predictable costs with scalable infrastructure, COVID/pandemic safety, lower hardware, and real estate costs, and higher efficiency due to data access. With our IT professionals’ expertise and experience, your business can achieve digital transformation seamlessly and within your budget. Make the move to a modern office today and enjoy the security and freedom to work remotely! By taking these small steps, you can achieve digital transformation and embrace the future of work.