Network Cabling Installation

Network Cabling Installation

Since 1988, CEO Computers has been a trusted provider of Network Cabling Installation and related services for local businesses in Encino and surrounding cities. We understand the critical role that network cabling plays as the backbone of your organization.

In today’s data-driven world, networks must handle vast amounts of data at high speeds. Proper installation is crucial to meet increasing traffic demands. At CEO Computers, we will assist you in structuring your business network and phone systems for optimal performance, considering future expansion and diversification.

Why Choose Us for Your Network Cabling Installation?

With our licensed and insured services, you can trust that your project will be executed timely and professionally. Our extensive experience focuses on integrating data, voice, and wireless devices to maximize network efficiency. We ensure the successful deployment and utilization of your business applications and resources.

Our comprehensive network wiring solutions encompass everything from service to equipment, including cables, jacks, and patch panels. Additionally, we provide and install open racks, server racks, cable sleeves, and cable ladders for wiring closets and server rooms.

Our cabling services include:

  • Computer network (voice/data)
  • Cabling installation (Cat 5e, Cat 6, Fiber, Coax)
  • Network cable repair and certification
  • VoIP installation and Voice cabling
  • Cable structure and management
  • Server rack installation and wiring
  • Wiring closets and server rooms
  • Computer network cabling installation
  • Cabling to expand a present network
  • Jack Panel wiring
  • Phone System 

Network Infrastructure:

  • Server room temperature 
  • Fiber runs
  • SD-Wan
  • Vendor Liaison 

Wireless services include:

  • Installing wireless to existing network
  • Installing a new wireless network
  • Synchronize wireless devices to work with wireless network
  •  Wireless hot spots hubs
  • Wireless printers
  • Access Points 
  • Wireless cameras
  • Wireless range extenders

Contact CEO Computers at 818-501-2281 or feel free to email us directly at to discuss your Network Cabling Installation needs. Benefit from our expertise in optimizing your network infrastructure and enhancing your business operations.