Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and Recovery

Protect your business with our reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions. Nobody can predict a disaster, but we can minimize its effects by being prepared and taking appropriate precautions. Safeguard your operation from rising cybercriminal activities like Ransomware with a crucial disaster recovery plan.

CEO Computers empowers you to secure your assets through partnerships with renowned backup companies such as Microsoft Azure, Veritas, Symantec, Barracuda, Acronis, Datto, and Altaro. As authorized resellers, we provide you with the best Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions available, ending those sleepless nights plagued by data loss worries.

Rely on our expert team for onsite and online backup services, ensuring the utmost security for your data. Our comprehensive approach includes daily full, incremental, or image backups, leaving no stone unturned in safeguarding your invaluable information. Experience the power of our fault-tolerant systems, including the formidable RAID 5 & 10, guaranteeing redundancy and uninterrupted operations for your servers.

Datto Technology and Services

Safeguard your mission-critical data with a Datto Backup and Disaster Recovery plan. With onsite and offsite backup, Datto’s advanced technology minimizes downtime while ensuring secure storage and recovery. Choose from plug-and-play appliances that seamlessly integrate with your operations. Datto’s services include end-to-end encryption, hybrid virtualization, cloud-to-cloud backup support, centralized management, and support for both physical and virtual platforms.

Ransomware attacks frequently target small to medium-sized local businesses with less stringent security protocols. With Datto, you don’t have to be one of those businesses crippled by an unforeseen ransomware attack. Datto offers solutions with proprietary ransomware detection and protection measures so that you can stay protected from the latest threats.

Minimal Downtime and Improved Data Recovery

Don’t wait for disaster to strike; take action now to fortify your business’s resilience. Trust CEO Computers for unparalleled Backup and Disaster Recovery that keep you one step ahead of any calamity. Your data’s protection is our utmost priority.

Acronis Backup and Disaster Recovery

DATTO GOLD Backup and Disaster Recovery

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