Part Two: “IT Support costs too much”- This problem stems from the fact that most small businesses have no set budget aside for their IT.  They consider IT as a cost center and not as part of their growth strategy.  Also, they lump all the IT costs into one.  For example, software, hardware, business applications, internet, IT support, licensing, etc.  If they have phones or VoIP, that is also considered IT cost.  The important thing is to itemize them and track them separately.  This way, you can easily set up a budget. 

Another essential factor in reining in costs is having a technology audit.  This entails finding out what services and products you use and if you need them, and when do the subscription or support contracts expire.  Get rid of any products or services you do not need and negotiate for better terms and pricing if you do.   We see this often. Many businesses continue paying for products or services that they do not use. This only happens because the business owners do not take the time to perform a technology audit.  The same thing applies to the services you use.  Rates drop for internet, storage, and hardware continuously, so it is best to take advantage of these opportunities by performing yearly technology audits.  

Lastly, implement predictable costs in your business.  We offer no contract and fixed-fee pricing for our IT-managed services.   This way, our clients know their monthly IT support costs, and there are no surprises.  It is also scalable.  If they want to expand or shrink their workforce, the pricing gets adjusted based on the service they receive. 

Take advantage of newer technology that offers better pricing or functionality for your existing hardware, software, or services.  For example, you can move your server to the cloud.  Replace your old analog phone system with VoIP. Try out a different accounting program.   All these upgrades may have some initial conversion costs, but the savings pay for it in a short time. 

There are many ways to control and reduce IT costs.  Contact us at 818-501-2281 or for a free consultation. 

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CEO Computers is a Los Angeles IT Support & Cloud Solutions company.  Our solutions and services are designed to simplify your IT, protect your data, and empower your staff.  We are a Microsoft silver competency partner.  For over 31 years, the CEO has assisted many small businesses in the Los Angeles area in various industries to implement compliance policies, secure their network, and protect their data.