Many small business owners think that they are too small to take advantage of or benefit from many of the important resources that a large business has. Things like a larger staff, more access to funding and better prices by buying in bulk, and the best IT help are things that many small business owners think are out of their reach. While some of this may be true, the fact is that no small business is too small to need the best IT help. Here is why the idea that your business is “too small” for an outsourced IT company is a dangerous myth in 2019.

What Small Businesses Think?

It is easy to see why many small businesses believe that they are too small for an outsourced IT company. At CEO IT Services & Cloud Solutions, we talk to small businesses all the time. When we tell a small business that they need a managed IT solution for their business, we hear all sorts of responses:

“Our computers are reliable enough”

“All our applications are in the cloud, what’s to manage?” 

“We’re so small. Who wants our data?”

“We couldn’t afford that level of service”

While many of these responses are understandable, the fact is, they just aren’t true. In 2019, if you do not have someone to help manage your IT, regardless of your businesses’ size, you are playing a very dangerous game that could cost your business dearly.

Why This is Not True?

Nowadays, no business is safe from cybercrime. According to a 2019 Verizon study on data breaches, 43% of cyberattacks target small businesses. If you have said or thought one of the responses above while discussing your businesses IT needs, you are too lax on cybersecurity. Threats are constantly changing and if you network and antivirus solutions aren’t not updated and being monitored 24×7 you are leaving yourself open for attacks.

It is more than just attacks too. If you do not have an IT company on call to help you if something goes wrong, it can cost you a lot of money and more. The money lost on IT downtime varies greatly by industry but the average is over $5,000 per minute you are down. In addition to that, downtime can be a serious detriment to your company’s reputation, something a small business cannot afford.

Finally, a managed IT services provider is the best source to inform you of all the latest advancements and technology. This is so important to keep your businesses data safe and to avoid downtime. Technology moves incredibly fast and, chances are, you don’t have the time or expertise to keep your eye on all the latest trends to keep your business on the cutting edge.


While we hear plenty of logical arguments as to why small businesses are “too small” for an outsourced IT company to manage their IT, the truth is you are NEVER too small for outsourced IT services company. In fact, to compete with bigger companies, small businesses NEED a managed IT services provider more than most. Check out CEO IT Services & Cloud Solutions to find how we can help you, no matter what your business size. We will work within your budget to provide the best IT solutions and keep your business running and secure. 

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