Cloud Migration: Better Security, Productivity & Mobility

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What is Cloud Migration?

Cloud computing is the use of computing resources (hardware and software) delivered as a service over the internet via a pay-per-use subscription fee model. Some of the examples of cloud services are: Hosted servers (Microsoft Azure & Amazon Web Services), Hosted Exchange (Office 365), Online backup (Datto), SharePoint, CRM, Unified Communication VoIP phone systems, and online applications such as accounting (QuickBooks).

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated cloud adoption, and it is not going to slow down

Cloud usage has been increasing tremendously in recent years, and now because of  Covid-19, its importance and value have been realized.  The benefits of using cloud services are many, especially for small businesses.

Why Choose the Cloud?

  • Low upfront cost & more straightforward implementation
  • Business continuity– All time availability of your data from anywhere
  • Better collaboration — Cloud tools make it easy for your employees to work together from anywhere in the world, at any time
  • Better Mobility —  Capability to accepting, transferring and forwarding calls to the Cell phones
  • Faster growth — utilizing the benefits of the Cloud propels your business to the new levels
  • Backup & Security of your data – Hosting files and applications in the Cloud gives you built-in security if your local infrastructure goes down
  • Decreased cost of managing your data & lower IT costs
  • Scalability of expanding or shrinking your operation at a fraction of the time and cost

What We’ll Do For You:

  • Consult and determine if Cloud is the right solution for your organization
  • Help you select the best solution and implement it for your business
  • Eliminate downtime & ensure a smooth IT infrastructure change
  • Train your staff and support them before and after the migration

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