Cyber Security Strategy & Risk Management

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Cyber crime is an ongoing and increasing threat for businesses. Specially within the last two years due to Covid 19 pandemic.  Not only can cyberattack incidents cost time, money and resources to recover, but it could cost a lot more including critical information loss, revenue loss, productivity loss, intellectual property loss, reputation damage, contract loss, legal costs and an erosion of trust and reputation. It could potentially put you out of business.

Our Cyber Security Strategy is a service, customized to suit the specific Cyber Security needs of your business. We’ll work with you to understand what information you have, where it is and who has access to it, and help you plan a cyber security strategy (policy and procedure) that is easy to understand, scalable, flexible and educational. We’ll work and collaborate with your management team and staff to provide a clear roadmap with milestones to ensure that the strategy designed is the right one for your business.  

By having a cyber Security Strategy, you have a competitive advantage over your competition and prove to your customers, vendors and partners that you are cyber secure. We can help. We know your business is unique with its own challenges and requirements, and we can assist in bringing certainty to your cyber security strategy.

what you can expect:

  • A collaborative approach with your team
  • An extensive scan of your network & Infra-structure
  • Baseline of where your business is in terms of cyber protection
  • Identifying data security risks in your business
  • Recommendations that you can employ seamlessly and inexpensively
  • Customized cyber security solutions to suit your business
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions to fit with your recovery timeframes
  • Practical educational tips for your staff
  • Best practices for remote access and work from anywhere 
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Assistance with Compliance for government mandated laws and insurance cybersecurity coverage
  • A detailed Incident response plan