Server Security Audits

network_securityA CEO Security Audit offers small to medium sized organizations the
opportunity to examine their systems for compliance to a variety of
security standards. These standards can include internal and
external security policies, software manufacture recommendations,
legal requirements and known “best practices”.

Security Auditing will identify the following potential

  • Check service pack levels
  • Check for missing security patches
  • Check for security alerts/vulnerabilities
  • Detect unnecessary shares
  • Detect unnecessary open ports
  • Detect new security holes using scan comparisons
  • Check for unused user accounts
  • Check password policy and strength
  • Detect potential Trojans on servers and workstations
  • Determine if the OS is disclosing too much information

Company Wide Security Threat Assessment & Reduction

A network must be designed with the goal of reducing or eliminating the risk of a security breach. A Security Threat Assessment will allow you to understand where your organization may be vulnerable to a security breach. Using specialized vulnerability management software tools and a series of interviews, our security consultants can help you identify critical areas of vulnerability. These assessments will be performed both internally and externally.

Threat Assessment Process:

  • Identify and assess your most critical infrastructures and processes
  • Intrusion detection and analysis via data mining and port scanning
  • Recommend methods to detect future cyber attacks
  • Recommend data integrity and protection
  • Prepare Assessment Report
  • Written estimate for parts and labor to implement a security upgrade 

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