A business owner has so much on their plate. They don’t have time to upgrade or reinforce their network system. And that’s what cybercriminals are leveraging to their advantage, a small business owner without a multi-layered security plan.


Cybercriminals have become increasingly more sophisticated in their approach to hacking into a network and compromising an organization’s data. 


54% of small business owners think their business is too small for a possible security breach, but unfortunately, 43% of small businesses have been a target of cybercrime.   


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The threat of security breach or attack is not a situation of what if it happens, but when.

We share the nine reasons why you shouldn’t ignore these threats to your business and the necessary measures it will take to build a multi-layered security plan.

Let’s dive in. 


9 Reasons Why You Need a Multi-Layered Security Plan


1. Cybercriminals use “Blended Attacks” 

Also known in the industry as “multi-prong” threats that criminals use to attack a business by infiltrating the network through different outlets; emails, hacking or shutting down a system.


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2. Cyber Crime is on the Rise


75% of the world’s businesses experienced some time of phishing attack in 2020. More false emails attempting to extort information or money have risen since the beginning of the pandemic.


3. Cybercrime is Very Lucrative 

In 2020, 4.1 billion was lost due to cybercrimes according to the FBI (IC3 2020 Report).


4. Cybercriminals Run It Like a Business


Well-funded professional criminals plan, research, and organize automated attacks on individual companies and government entities.


5. UnSafe Wi-Fi

Cyber attacks aren’t just on an internal network, but mobile devices are vulnerable to attacks too.


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6. Cybercriminals Are Getting Savvier


To get their malicious software installed on business computers, criminals are mixing and matching adware, spyware, keyloggers, viruses, rootkits, information “scraped” from social networks, and purchase credentials from Dark Web.


7. Employees Use Work Laptop Like their Personal  


As a result, over 80% of breaches are caused by employees.


8. Business Email Schemes Cost 1.8 Billion in Losses in 2020

Up to 90% of email is spam, and email is the primary tool cybercriminals use to access your

employee’s computer and network.


9. Your Equipment Might Be Outdated


Many unprotected computers/servers/internet devices (IoT) are connected with open ports, old applications, and un-updated software.


Need help protecting sensitive data and information for your small business? Let Us Help you. 


What is a Multi-Layered Security Approach?


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Only having standard network security protection for your small’s business isn’t enough to protect your company these days.


You need multi-layer protection to go up against sophisticated criminals, socially engineered websites, downloads, or blended attacks. Layered security takes a proactive cyber defense approach.


A multi-layered security strategy should cover three main elements: 

1. Dependable Hardware 


2. Software and Monitoring services 


3. Best Practices for Company Employees  


Layered security strategies are answers to today’s cyber threat landscape. The best defense is to cover every area and aspect of your network.


What Are the Key Elements of a Multi-Layered Security Plan?


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Equipment for Best Protection

  • State-of-the-art routers that are updated regularly that is programmed to fend off attacks.

  • Protection for Cloud/web-based applications and servers


Security Software or Systems 

  • Guarding against malware and viruses with the next generation of Antivirus

  • Remote Monitoring and Management of all the nodes in your network (internal and external)

  • Backup and disaster recovery- using an online backup that performs snapshots and takes an image of your server drives.

  • Firewall protection from attack via email attachment, files, adware, links, apps, and more using advanced threat protection packages

  • DNS-level security to defend against threats originating at the network level


Best Network Security Practices for Your Team


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  • Two Factor authentication for emails and remote access

  • Password Policy, using complex passwords policy that is regularly changed. 

  • Employees Awareness Training. End-user education programs address the source of 93 percent of all data breaches, which is user errors.


Creating a Multi-Layered Security Plan and Strategy

Implementing a multi-layered security plan is the only approach to mitigate the threats at all entry points of the business network. 


Your best defense is to partner with a trusted IT firm


An experienced firm will provide you with a multi-pronged approach to protect your business network. 


Your focus running the business, bring in an expert to protect it. 


Want help with your cyber security strategy? Contact us for a free consultation.

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