Small businesses need the best IT help they can get to succeed in today’s competitive, technology-driven world. The truth of the matter is though, if you are a small business who is relying on an “in-house IT person”, you may not be getting the help you need. Sure, it seems like having someone on staff who can deal with all things IT at your company is a smart idea, but many times it is not. At CEO IT Services & Cloud Solutions we have been helping small businesses get the best IT help for 30 years. Here we want to share why, in our experience, having an in-house IT person is not usually the best solution for your small business.  

 The Small Business IT Person Scenario

Over the last 30 years, we have gone into almost every type of small business imaginable and have dealt with every type of in-house IT person. Don’t get us wrong, some of them have been great! However, many of them have not.

Believe it or not, in 2019 we still do not have a regulated IT industry. Anyone can call themselves an IT person regardless of training, experience, or skillset. We often see in-house IT people who fall short in a variety of areas. Some of the biggest issues we see include:

Not using best industry practices – Using industry-leading best practices helps your business improve your services and security while also optimizing the value of your investments. If your IT person isn’t on the cutting-edge of these best practices, your business will be hurt.

Not being aware of the latest technologies – Today there are so many technologies that were developed to help small business succeed. If your IT person isn’t implementing things like Microsoft 365, Dropbox, Slack, and other new technology, they are not helping you operate at your highest potential.  

Not selecting the right equipment – They say you always should use the right tool for the right job and this applies to technology as well. If you have computer equipment that is not powerful enough to accomplish what you need to, you are not being efficient. Conversely, if you have way more power than you need, you are probably spending more money than you need to.

Not using the right security practices – if this is happening at your business, you are unknowingly playing Russian Roulette with your data security. Security is not just about virus protection. It involves network monitoring, encryption, mobile security, proper human training, and more.

Why This is a Big Problem

The worst part of all these situations is that most of the business owners who are in them do not realize it in the moment. In fact, they may never be aware of these deficiencies until they are VERY aware of them. That time comes when not using the best industry practices, not being aware of the latest technology, not selecting the right equipment, and not using the right security practices blows up in their faces. When the worst-case scenario happens and leads to downtime, lost clients, lost money, or worse, only then do many small business owners realize what they were missing.


Before the worst-case scenario hits and your business suffers, talk to the experts at CEO IT Services & Cloud Solutions about their managed IT services offerings. They can offer solutions to all the problems above that the wrong in-house IT person just cannot. This is truly the best help a small business can get.

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