To grow your organization, you need technology solutions that help you run your business smarter. But many small companies struggle to solve IT challenges, from mobilizing the workforce to simplifying technology procurement. We want to help you get ahead of your IT challenges with solutions that give you a competitive edge.

Challenge 1: Security – maintaining airtight security is the most important task to consider in any situation or circumstance. No one solution fits all but the critical approach is to choose multilayer security to protect your data.

Challenge 2: Remote and Mobile Workforce – Flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to working outside the office. There are Cloud-based mobility solutions, Collaboration tools, remote access services, and subscriptions to allow your employees to connect to your office and perform their tasks anywhere or anytime. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony systems are great for today’s businesses. They are more mobile, have greater functionality, and cost less than traditional landline phones. 

 Challenge 3: Achieving productivity – There are many applications with proven track records and at very reasonable prices, such as slack and Microsoft Teams that allow your employees to be productive or more productive than working in the office. 

Challenge 4: Infrastructure Reliability and Scalability – Your infrastructure (internet, power, switches, firewall, and cabling) is the backbone of your operation. You want it to be reliable as your workforce, clients, and vendors connect to your system 24×7, and you want it to be scaleable to shrink and expand efficiently and economically.

Challenge 5: Cloud Implementation – Although many small businesses think of the Cloud for larger enterprises, you will be pleasantly surprised how affordable and easy to implement moving your current server to the Cloud is. Microsoft Azure has become the leading choice for small and medium-sized businesses. Cloud assessment and migration tools provided by Microsoft make the transition smooth, and the cost savings make this solution a no brainer.

Challenge 6: IT Support – Having a reliable and dependable IT company to provide the support to your employees, monitor and manage your infrastructure, procure the right equipment, and to provide the necessary insight on how to use technology to your advantage during these difficult times. 

With all of the obstacles that COVID-19 has had on businesses small and large, getting a handle on them is your best bet. Implementing much-needed changes and adapting new protocols is a start; assessing what routines you will modify is a good jumping-off point too.

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