A common trend in our industry is that many executives and business owners, busy with their daily tasks and running their businesses, do not have the time to pay proper attention to their IT and its well-being until it is too late.  As a result, they get caught off guard when they encounter a major IT problem.  To avoid any crisis or any major downtime and loss of productivity and revenue, here are a few suggestions that any business owner/executive should know and make sure to implement:

  1. Take Cyber Security seriously.  Follow the appropriate protocols. Have regular employee awareness training.
  2. Make sure you have a reliable backup system that saves all of your data online and on various media with an appropriate retention policy
  3. Have your servers/workstations always patched up with the latest updates for the operating system and all the applications
  4. Have a reputable antivirus/malware such as (Symantec, Bitdefender, McAfee, etc.) and keep it updated
  5. Know the admin passwords for your servers, routers, major applications, etc.  Make sure there is an updated network schematic and documentation of your network.
  6. Make sure you have a password policy.  Use a complex password, change every 90 days.  Use two-factor authentication.  
  7. Take data security & compliance (such as HIPAA) seriously and implement the requirements such as keeping sensitive information secure, encrypting your sensitive data and emails containing sensitive information.
  8. Ensure you know what is installed on your server, who has rights and access to what programs and data.
  9. Make sure all the software installed on your network has valid licenses and support.  Many IT guys install illegal software or freeware that can put you at risk
  10. Make sure there is a reliable firewall in place. No firewall or cheap consumer-type firewalls do not provide adequate protection.
  11. Implement Disaster & Recovery – Know your tolerance for the downtime. Know how to respond to a major disaster that will affect your organization. 

Do not consider IT as a cost center.  IT is an integral part of your business stability and growth.  Make sure you deal with a dependable and reliable IT company. Have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with your IT provider that explains the coverages and costs for what you are paying for.   

At CEO Computers, we offer free consultation and provide Free Network & Security Analysis.  Our Motto is an ounce for Prevention is better than a pound of cure.  We inform and educate our clients, so there are no surprises and sudden emergencies.  Call us at 818-501-2281or visit us at www.ceocomputers.com for more information.